QTP – General Tips

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In this post we will see few common things we should do while working on QTP..

Make sure few points before you start creating a test in QTP-

1. Load only required Add-inns i.e. if working on window based application, do not load Web, Java etc. More then 3 Add-inns may slow down QTP.

2. Make sure that MS Script Debugger is installed on machine. Although it’s part of QTP installation but  if your Internet connectivity is not proper while installing QTP, it might not be installed. It enables you to debug scripts and using breakpoints.

3. Open QTP first and then application. If application is already open, close it. Open QTP and then open application. (not true in few specific cases)

4. Check record settings..

a) Go to Test >> Record and Run Settings.
b) Select the Windows Applications tab.
c) Select the “Record and run test on any open Windows-based application” option.

5. Close all browsers before start recording.

6. Clear AutoComplete option in IE for user names and passwords

a) Tools >> Internet Options >> Content tab >> AutoComplete >> Settings
b) Clear “Usernames and passwords on form” checkbox

7. DataTable, Function Library and Object Repository are most common resources used in QTP. Make sure all these attached/managed properly.

8. By default, result is automatically open on completion of test execution. Close automatic result if you don’t specifically require this.

a) Go to >> Tools >> Option >> Run
b) Clear “Display Results after Iteration” checkbox

You can still open results whenever you want by clicking View >> Results.

9. Try to get good RAM (at least 2GB) on the machine. Better RAM you have, faster your QTP will be.

10. Clear temporary files frequently (once in a week).
a) Restart Machine
b) Go to Start >> Run >> type –  %temp% >> Enter
c) Delete all files and folders

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