QTP Interview Questions and Answers

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In this series of posts, I’ll explain commonly asked interview questions with best suitable answers. Following are some most important areas you must be well prepared before any QTP interview..

  • Benefits of Automated GUI Testing
  • Object Repository – Shared, Per-Action
  • Function Library
  • Checkpoints
  • Parametrization
  • Regular Expressions
  • Recovery Scenario
  • Utility Statements/Objects >> click here
  • Code for Database Connection >> click here
  • Environment Variables
  • Using Excel in QTP >> click here
  • Automation Frameworks >> click here

also, prepare below areas as well

Actions Types – i.e Reusable(default), Non-reusable, External
Action Parameters – Input, output
Data Table
Descriptive Programming in QTP
Debugging in QTP
Record & Run Options/Setting
Test Run Results
Relative & Absolute Path
Reporter Object
Virtual Object

I request you all, please share questions (through comments) which are asked to you, with company name and your answer. I’ll then write post to cover all your questions. You can also mail your questions to info@qtpschool.com

4 thoughts on “QTP Interview Questions and Answers”

  1. 1)QTP script to Add defect in QC

    2) count no. of rows and column's in a webtable ? and select desired row or column in a webtable?
    3) check item is present in an listbox? if it is present then select it?
    4) select multiple items in an listbox?

    —- here i am using qtp 10.0 version———

  2. Can you please tell what percentage of bugs are generally found using QTP? Is it more/less than Manual testing? Also, what kind of bugs are usually detected using automation?


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